IME announces winners of second week under Double ko Double offer

3rd Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 03: IME has announced the winners of the second week under the Double ko Double offer targeting Dashain. Recipients Pradip Sapkota and Ashok Kumar Yadav were declared the winners while announcing the results through a system-based 'lucky draw'. The result was made public through Facebook Live held at the IME Central Office in Panipokhari, Kathmandu last Friday. 

They had sent Rs 36,278 and Rs 31,653 to their relatives in Nepal from Kyodai Remit Japan and Rhea Financial Services Malaysia during the offer period. According to the offer, IME will provide Rs 72,556 and Rs 63,306 as gifts to them or their close relatives on their recommendation.

The Double ko Double offer made public by IME has been in operation for a total of 57 days from 17th September to 12th November, 2021. According to the offer, remittances received from more than 35,000 IME agents or IME pay mobile wallets or bank transfers will be double the amount remitted each week, two lucky IME customers will win four times (double of double) the amount remitted each month, and for the bumper prize one lucky IME customers will win 8 times (double of double of double) the amount remitted. In addition, an additional bonus of Rs. 200 has been provided for receiving money on IME Pay.

The company has set certain terms and conditions for the selection of the lucky winner during the offer period. According to the service and conditions, the lucky winner will be selected through a lucky draw based on technology. The founders of IME, employees of IME Group, business partners (agents) of IME and any person affiliated with IME will not be allowed to participate in this scheme. The service recipients will have to keep the plan of the remittance transaction voucher through any agent network of IME safe till the announcement period. Prize money can be given to the relatives living in Nepal on the recommendation of the selected winner. Updated information of the scheme will be made public through the official web page, social media page, mass media, cooperative business partner (agent partner), regional liaison office and central office operated by the company.