IME Life Insurance pays Rs. 2.5 million insurance amount for fatal disease

11th Aug, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: IME Life Insurance Company Limited, State no.3, Hetauda Branch Office has handed over 25, 00,000 rupees to Mr. Himal Poudel who insured in Life Insurance Scheme including cover for critical illness.

The company has paid the claim to the insured diagnosed with Ampullary Carcinoma within 14 months of insuring. The company has recently introduced an insurance policy to provide protection against 21 different deadly diseases.

The company aims to facilitate the claim payment process and expedite the claim payment in a quick and effective manner, said Chief Executive Officer Kavi Phuyal. He informed that the insurance benefits would be available to the insured and dependent families on time, there would be more support at the financial level and there would be more confidence in life insurance. The company paid the claim within 15 days of receiving the application.