IME remit gets honored for paying highest income tax

2nd Apr, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, April 02: IME becomes the company that pays the most income tax towards remittance in the country for the fourth time. During a function organized by the Inland Revenue Department on Thursday, Ram Sharan Pudasaini, Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal, presented a certificate of appreciation to Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Chairman, IME Group.

The Inland Revenue Office on Thursday honored IME Remit as the company that pays the highest income tax. Although the announcement was made last November on the occasion of Tax Day, the event could not be held formally due to the ban on holding events due to Covid 19.

Earlier, the IME has been given this honor by the Government of Nepal three times in a row. On the occasion of the Ninth National Tax Day, the companies including IME have been honored today.IME, established 20 years ago, is credited with institutionalizing Nepal's overall remittance business with the aim of bringing remittances to Nepal through a network of remittances earned by young people who have gone abroad for labor. IME is the first company in Nepal to bring remittances to Nepal through banking channels from abroad.