Immigration department resumes the services related to visas

14th Sep, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 14: The passport service being provided to foreign nationals by the Immigration Department has been resumed after one month. After the cases of the coronavirus were confirmed among the employees of the department, the service was closed since August 10, and now, the officials have decided to resume the service from thursday.

The department has stated that foreign tourists who have regular visas, till March 21, will be provided a free visa if they return home within 15 days from the date of commencement of international flights. Ram Chandra Tiwari, Director of the department, informed that free regular visas would be issued from the immigration office at the international airport and the immigration office at the border.

Likewise, the department stated that visas of those foreign nationals who are unable to return to their countries within 15 days from the date of resumption of international flights due to various reasons, will be regulated without any fee till 14th August 2020. Since 15th August 2020, visas can be regulated maximum upto 15th December 2020 but with regular tourist visa fee.

Also, incase of foreign nationals with maximum 150 days stay limit in free tourist visa in this visa year, department has decided to regulate their tourist visa without any fee upto 14th August 2020. However, they will be charged with regular visa fee as like of other foreigners since 15th August 2020, ad visas can be extended maximum up to 15th December 2020.