Importance of Monday in Shrawan

22nd Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 22: The Monday of this month is considered to be more sacred which is Shrawan Shombar. Especially women and girls take fast to have prosperity and peaceful family life. Similarly, unmarried girls take fast to have blessings to get good life partner in future. 

Pile of linga is heightened with Bel leaves and flowers. Solah Shombar fasting begins from the first Shombar of Shrawan. And according to scientific reason, it is said that during Shrawan monsoon is at its peak, there is absence of proper sunlight so our digestive system become weak, hence fast is taken to maintain our digestive system and good health. On this year Shrawan Sankranti, sun has entered cancer sign which began on 16th July 2019, Tuesday night.

As the Shrawan has arrived green is ruling not only the natural environment but also the wrists of every Nepalese woman. It is the month of greenery and love. Both married and unmarried women keeps fast for their loved ones and adorn their hands with green, red and yellow bangles carved with golden and silver beads. It has become a trend nowadays, girls clad in green bangles throughout Shrawan month. 

Women dressup in especially red attire, wear these tricolour bangles and also have different mehendi designs in their hands. There is no any other ancient tales or mythology found yet regarding the significance of green bangles in Shrawan. But it is believed that for married women, green bangles acts as a symbol of their married life. And another reason is during Shrawan we see greeneries everywhere, the lush green crops and rice plants so, women wear green bangles to symbolize that they are close to the nature. Thus, in this sense the tinkling sound of green bangles plays a vital essence role in Nepalese women life. 

Text: Hritika Khadka