Incessant rainfall obstructing air travel

6th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 06: Incessant rain over the past few days has obstructed air travel as well as roadways, causing distress to thousands of travelers. More than 50% of the flights from Nepalgunj to the hilly districts have been cancelled for more than a month due to rainfall.

Vice-Chief at the Nepalgunj Airport, Vishnu Adhikari, said "There are currently 6 aircraft at the airport belonging to different airlines, which normally conduct up to 5 flights per day, but these days there are barely 10 to 12 flights from the airport."

He reported that flights have had to return back to Nepalgunj without landing due to unfavorable weather. Travelers from the western region including Simikot, Jufal, Jumla, etc. have been stranded due to more than 50% of flights being cancelled.