Increase in visitors to Myagdi fails to benefit tourism businesses

15th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Hotel owners in Myagdi seem unenthusiastic despite the number of tourists visiting the region increasing drastically. Entrepreneurs complain that although the number of visitors has increased, their spending and length of stay has been decreasing as well.

Hotel entrepreneurs say that the construction of roads in the region has decreased the time period of trekking expeditions which has cast a negative effect in the hotel and tourism businesses in the area. The practice of commissions has also been increasing as tourist guides expect a fat sum for bringing tourists to hotels, which have put hotel owners at a tough spot. "The guides expect a discount in their food and accommodations and demand a commission on a per guest basis, threatening to stop bringing tourists to our hotels if we do not comply," said a local hotel owner.

According to statistics from the District Police Office, the economic year 2074/75 saw a growth of 14.26% in the number of tourists visiting the area, compared to the year before. A total of 74,733 tourists visited Myagdi in the last economic year, an increase of 4897 tourists compared to the year before. Vice-President of the Ghodepani Hotel Management Sub-Committee, Sushil Pun, said that the number of tourists has increased due to stability in the country's conditions and an overall decrease in strikes.