Increasing tourist attraction at Betini wetland

14th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MORANG, Feb 14: The Betini Wetland situated at Urlabari of Morang is developing into a tourism destination and picnic spot.

Betini Wetland has even attracted international tourism after waterways sports like boating commenced there. According to the President of Community Forest Consumer Committee, Mr Bhim Rai, around 700 tourists visit this place daily. The wetland has a total area of 580 thousand square meters. The road network is well developed and people from Morang, Jhapa and Sunsari are also attracted here.

The Urlabari Municipality has also announced the municipality as ‘ Simsar Tourist City ’. The Mayor of the municipality Mr Khadga Phago informed that for a prosperous city development, the municipality will pass the required budget for the development of Betini Wetland.

The municipality has made policies to make Betini Wetland a tourism destination in eastern Nepal. Three statues of tigers have been placed in the hill situated west of the pond in the wetland with the investment of 350 thousand rupees. The entry fee is Rs 10 and various flora and fauna are found in this place.