India withholds flight permission for the Himalaya Airlines to fly directly to Delhi

13th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov. 13: The Indian government has not given the flight permission to the Himalayan Airlines suspecting it of having 90 percent of the Chinese Investment. Nepali national Angchiring Shepa and Tiber Airlines have share in the airlines.

A source familiar with the matter confirmed that the Delhi has not given the Diplomatic Clearance keeping the fact in mind that the Indian airlines would have to slash the fare it Himalayan Airlines enters Indian skies.

“The Indian authorities are in suspicion that the Himalayan Airlines bears 90 percent of the Chinese investment and they have been delaying it and the chance for the permission is fading out, an Senior Official in the Nepal’s civil aviation Ministry said.

Three Indian and Nepal Airlines are flying to and fro Kathmandu and Delhi on daily basis. The Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Indi-go Air are the Indian airlines connecting the Nepali and Indian capital through direct flights.