Indian Airlines becomes the most preferred airlines in Nepal with outbound flow of passengers

21st Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 21 : The Jet Airways has become the sole airlines to provide service to highest number of passengers as per the statistic of first nine months of 2017.

The Indian service provider, Jet Airways provided its service to about 3 Lakhs 47 Thousand passengers and stood atop the list of 29 International airways that provide aviation service to and fro Nepal. Following Jet Airways, Nepal Airlines became the second with a wide margin of passengers.

During the same period NA was able to provide its service to about 2 Lakhs 53 Thousand passengers which is less by about 93 Thousand 2 hundred passengers in comparison to Jet Airways.

Following the Nepal Airlines, Fly Dubai stands on the third of the list with service to about 2 Lakhs 18 Thousand passengers in the period of nine months. Air Arabia, ranked fourth provided service to about 2 Lakhs 17 Thousand passengers.

Qatar Airways this year has veered off fifth place sliding down from the third position which it retained previously. It was able to provide service to only 2 Lakhs 15 Thousand Passengers.

The joint venture private air service provider of Nepal, the Himalayan Airlines has provided its service to 88 Thousand 7 Hundred and 83 passengers.

With the figures the total number of passengers opting for International flights to and fro Nepal has stood at 27 Lakhs 48 Thousand 3 Hundred and 38 in first nine months of 2017. The number is high by 2 Lakh 40 Thousand 6 Hundred and 64 in comparison to previous year.