Indian Airlines charges 60K for Delhi- Kathmandu flight during festive season

13th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 13: Private Airlines from India have charged travelers up to 60 thousand rupees for the ticket to Nepali capital Kathmandu from Indian Capital Delhi. Taking advantage of the increased flow of passengers during the festive season the airlines has charged the passengers with additional 40 thousand rupees than that offered by Nepal Airlines.

The airlines owned in India have been taking 28 thousand Indian rupees to 37 thousand Indian rupees through cartel-ling before Dashain where as the civil aviation authority, the responsible for regulation has turned out eye from the issue. It is not the first time when the Indian Airlines have charged hefty amount which has been done previously during the festive time.

Nepal Airlines Corporation has only two flights daily to Delhi and hence with the increase in horde of passengers, tickets of Indian airlines have become expensive.

Nepali ministers who raided several showrooms in Durbarmarga are still silent even when Nepalese passengers are forced to pay 60 thousand rupees in Delhi-Kathmandu air freight.

Nepal Airlines Corporation has been flying at 13 thousand 4 hundred and 84 rupees even in Dashain and Tihar while business class costs 19 thousand 6 hundred and 65 rupees.

However, Air India has been taking 28 thousand 6 hundred and 37 Indian rupees even for the economy class. Similarly, business class costs 37 thousand 3 hundred and 76 Indian rupees.

Jet Airways has also been taking 23 thousand 4 hundred and 5 Indian rupees for one way Delhi-Kathmandu flight.

Now, business class costs 34 thousand 3 hundred and 7 Indian rupees whereas it only costs about 6-9 thousand normally.