Indian PM Modi tweets photo of Muktinath Temple ahead of International Yoga Day

18th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jun 18: The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has posted a photo of the Muktinath Temple, promoting the religious destination of Nepal among his followers. The photo features locals and Buddhist monks engaging in yoga practice in front of the Muktinath Temple.

The post was made only a few days before the International Yoga Day, which falls on 21 June. Modi posted the photo with the caption, "Wonderful!". He had visited the sacred temple only a month back on a diplomatic visit to Nepal. The post will help to promote the popular destination among millions of Modi's followers.

The Indian Embassy in Nepal also shared the photos and video of yoga activity conducted in front of the temple through its own twitter page. The Muktinath Temple is a place of sacred pilgrimage for followers of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths.