Indonesian paragliders bet securing gold medals in Asiad

17th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

JAKARTA, May 17 : Paragliding squad of Indonesia is confidence to win gold medals in the Asian Games this year in the country, a minister said here.

Indonesian Youth and Sport Minister Imam Nahrawi disclosed that paragliding sport is the most potential to contribute gold medals for the country.

Paragliding will be firstly played in the upcoming Asian Games in Indonesia.

"I mentioned in front of ministers that the sport potentially contribute gold medals is paragliding," he said.
The optimism was made based on the good performance and achievement of the country's paragliders in several international championships, according to him.

However, the minister admitted opponents from Thailand, Japan, China, South Korea and Nepal are the toughest in the multi-sport event.

One of the country's paraglider Rika Wijayanti,who won earlier this year in Cyprus, is upbeat over her chances at the Games.

"I have set a gold medal target in the Asian games," she said.

A total of 18 countries will send their paragliders to compete in the regional sport event.

Indonesia has targeted to secure about 20 gold medals in the Games as the country aims to post the 10th place in the Games.

The 18th Asian Games is scheduled to be played in Indonesian capital of Jakarta and Palembang city, the provincial capital of South Sumatra province from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2.