Indra Jatra at Basantapur (Photo Feature)

14th Sep, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

One of the most celebrated Newari festivals of Kathmandu Valley, Indra Jatra was observed  with a great enthusiasm.

The festival is celebrated to pay the respect for god Indra. According to the Hindu mythology, god Indra is believed to be the king of heaven and god of rain and harvest. This festival is also known as Yenya in Nepal Basa. In the first day of Indra Jatra, the chariot procession of Kumari takes place. Kumari is regarded as living goddess and is worshipped in Nepal. Also, the chariots of Ganesh Bhairav and Kumari are pulled towards the southern part of the town. Thousands of people gather today at Basantapur to observe this festival.

Similarly, the family members of the deceased ones within the last one year pray for their departed souls by lighting small lamps along the processional route. This festival takes place till 17thSeptember.

Photo: Bivas Shrestha