Indrasarovar to entice the mind (Photo Feature)

30th Jan, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Kulekhani Dam which is also famously known as “Indra Sarovar” is a beautiful and panoramic landscape situated in Makwanpur district, Nepal. We can reach 2hr by motor from Kathmandu valley.

The dam was built with purpose of generating the electricity however the dam have also pose the natural beauty and beautiful scenario which have attract many of the internal tourism inside the country.

Kulekhani Dam is alternative lake like Fewa Lake near Kathmandu valley. Whoever are not able to go far Fewa lake, those people can go and enjoy trip near Kulekhani Dam.

Markhu is a small town which is situated at the northwestern shores of Indra Sarovar. There is lots of hotels are available stay for night.  People can stay over there hotels and take enjoy their trip. Local meal and local fish dishes is available in reasonable price which is attract the visitors.  Boating is another major attraction in Markhu. We can enjoy beautiful views with boating and taking photos.

Text/Photo: A.P Tolang