Interaction program between Tourism Minister and youth entrepreneurs

10th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 10: Young entrepreneurs and businessmen have emphasized the development of the entire tourism sector of the country in an interaction program with the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari. Speakers at the program called for the need to make proper arrangements with attractive promotional campaigns in order to attract more tourists. In addition, they suggested their tourism production and activities to be utilized in the social market using the full range of social networks.

Tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari focused on gathering ideas of youth and to make arrangements accordingly. "The program for entrepreneurship promotion program has been organized in order to understand about the opinion young generation in tourism. The promotion work is no longer traditionally constructed and technology should be used to look at creative ideas," he said.

Since the main base of the Nepali economy is tourism, the Minister said that effective work should be done in the industry with the goal of contributing at least 25 percent of its total GDP from tourism. He mentioned that the most important topic currently is to organize Tribhuwan International Airport and work hard to facilitate the service to have effective results. Chief Executive Officer of the Board Deepakraj Joshi said that the creative suggestion of young businessmen will be included in the promotion of tourism campaign.

In the program Krishna Prasad Devkota, Secretary of Tourism Ministry, claimed that tourism was not against the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the conservation field. During the visit of Indian prime minister Modi on Friday the routes, will be closed from 4:00 pm- 10:00 am next morning and after that the routes will be reopened.