International Chain Hotel Marriott to operate Moxy hotel in Nepal

30th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 30 : International chain hotel 'Moxy' is set to operate in Nepal. Marriott Hotel is introducing its 3.5 star hotel Moxy. Vice-chairman of the MS group, Sumit Kumar Agrawal informed that the process of building a 3.5 star-level Moxy hotel has been initiated.

He also mentioned that it will come into operation within the next two and a half years. "We have already initiated the entire process for the construction of the hotel in Kamaladi, Kathmandu," he said, adding that the contractor selection process for the construction of the hotel has already been done.

 MS Group, which plans to expand its chain of Marriott hotels in major cities of the country, is about to open another hotel in Kathmandu. The hotel, which is going to be invested in about more than Rs. 1 billion. According to Agrawal, The hotel will be 10 stored and will have 101-114 rooms. It will also consist of 10 Suite Rooms and the remaining Deluxe Rooms.

Nepal is the most suitable destination for tourists and the company has given high priority to expanding the hotel to attract more tourists in Nepal, Agrawal said. "We have to build hotels that will be suitable for all tourists visiting Nepal," he said, adding, "We have made the process of opening hotels in prime locations in the country." MS Group is launching Moxy as the third hotel in Nepal.