Investigation committee under MoCTCA requests for more time

2nd Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 02: The committee under the Ministry of Tourism, formed to investigate fraud practices in the rescue and evacuation of foreign tourists has requested for more time to submit its report, saying that its investigations is yet to complete.

The committee was formed after widespread complaints about the practice by trekking and travel companies to swindle foreign tourists out of the required medical evacuation and care during emergencies in trekking tours. It was formed under the Joint Secretary of the ministry, Ghanashyam Upadhyay, and 6 other members with the instruction to submit a report by June 29.

"We are conducting our investigation in secrecy, which is why it will take longer to conclude," said Upadhyay. "We have already demanded all the necessary information from the helicopter companies, and the current phase of investigation will complete after we receive the necessary information from travel and trekking companies and hospitals."

The investigation committee has instructed 14 travel companies to provide all the necessary papers and information related to rescues and evacuation of foreign tourists conducted by them. These companies include Flight Connection Pvt. Ltd., Kailash Charter and Rescue Service, Seven Summit Trek, Himalayan Charter, Easy Heli Charter, Himalayan Social Journey Trekking, Alpine Rescue Service, Mountain Rescue Service, Nepal Vision Trek and Expedition, Adventure Asia Travel and Expedition, Mountain Heli Charter Service, Eagle Heli Charter Service, Simrik Real Nepal Trek and Expedition and Sunny Travel Services. The companies have been given official instructions to provide complete information within 3 days.

Similarly, Bayodha Hospital, CIWEK Clinic, Era Health Center, Medicity Hospital, Grande Hospital, and Swacon Hospital have been instructed to give details on the nature of treatments given by them.

None of the companies have submitted the information within the deadline.