Iwamura Hospital to provide emergency health care to tourists in Bhaktapur

12th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Mar 12: Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee has made an agreement with Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital to provide emergency health care to tourists visiting Bhaktapur. The service is to start from coming Sunday.

Hospital manager Ranjit Marikhu said in a press conference at Rafat Media Club, that an agreement was made between Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee and the hospital for providing emergency care to tourists.

Marikhu said that the hospital will provide free emergency to tourists, and provide checkup and care for food poisoning and other problems. According to him, the service was started as there was no other hospital in Bhaktapur providing emergency care to tourists.

President of Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, Ram Sundar Bhele, said that the agreement will increase the number of tourists in Bhaktapur. He added that tourists visiting Bhaktapur will be able to get emergency services at any time from Iwamura Hospital in case of any medical emergency.

Bhaktapur gets arould 300 thousand tourists every year. The service was started to fulfill an important function as there was no emergency health care system available in the tourist destination previously.