Janai Purnima festival (Photo Feature)

3rd Aug, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

Janai Purnima is regarded as one of the holy festival celebrated in Nepal which falls on the month of full moon day(Purnima) of Shrawan or Bhadra (August). This festival carries various significance in various culture of Nepalese. On one hand, Bhramin and Chhetri celebrate this day as Janai Purnima  and they perform their annual ritual of changing Janai ( a sacred thread made up of cotton and is worn across the chest by Hindu men).Similarly, People who don't wear Janai, wears a sacred thread around their wrist from the priests. It is believed that if we tie that thread in the tail of a cow during third day of Tihar we will go to heaven. On the other hand, Rakshya Bandhan is also celebrated on this day to mark the never ending bond between brothers and sisters. People celebrate Rakshya Bandhan by meeting their biological brothers or cousins and tie rakhi(thread) on their wrist.


Photo : Bivas Shrestha