Japanese Urutora Restaurant opens up in Nepal

29th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Japan’s esteemed restaurant chain Urutora has made a debut in Nepal with opening of its 13thbranch in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. The new branch opened in Baluwatar, Kathmandu has an initial investment of 30 million Nepali rupees currently has an working staff of 25.

“The new Japanese restaurant in town will be able to serve a total of One Hundred guests with various Japanese and Nepali delicacies,” President of the restaurant Loknath Wasti said.

“In order to bring on the Japanese Hospitality and Myanmar to Nepal I initiated the establishment of this restaurant,” Wasti who has been working in hospitality sector for long added.

This restaurant has cooks who returned Nepal after serving there for some period of time as well as it also has visiting staffs time and often.

“Japanese on visit to Nepal and those who want to taste Japanese food, this restaurant will be a grooving place for them,” Managing Director of the restaurant Kenji Mujuguchi said.

The chain is next set to open two branches in Pokhara and Chitwan.