Jeep Safari service started in Patihani

17th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 17: Patihani, situated in Chitwan, Bharatpur, is regarded as an enticing tourist spot. Their latest source of tourist attraction is jeep safari which is likely to establish the place as a tourist destination.

After much effort from locals, this attraction was finally introduced to the public on Friday. Tourists will be able to observe rare animals like rhinoceros, deer, and birds in the jeep safari. The jeep facility will be available from Chitamai in Patihani to the Elephant Breeding Centre in Khorsar, which stretches about 10 kilometers. This facility will be operated inside the Barandafar Preservation Area.

The joint effort to commence jeep safari facility has been made by Belsahar Buffer Zone Community Forestry User Group and Patihani Consumer Group (PCG). Vice chairman of PCG, Madhav Acharya,  said “We made efforts to begin jeep safari since a long time. Two years ago, we made a concentrated effort and now our plan has come to fruition with everyone’s support.”

Chief Preservation Officer of Chitwan National Park, Ram Chandra Kandel, inaugurated the ceremony. Khem Bhatta, Chairman of Patihani Tourism Development Committee, remarked, “Earlier this area felt like an undiscovered jewel. Now this jewel has been discovered.”

To conduct jeep safari, eight wooden bridges were constructed inside the forest. A total of three water bodies—Gaida, Shramik, and Belsahar lakes, are also confined in the forest. One can also view the sight of Chitamai Temple during the safari trip. Ward Chairman of Bharatpur-22, Bishnu Mahato said, “Jeep safari will prove to be a catalyst for tourism promotion. The trip span of tourists visiting this place could be extended by a day and a night.” He also said that that Patihani is now a choice destination for tourism.

A trip to Khorsar was made by locals and community forest officials in their maiden jeep safari. Shankar Mahato Chairman of PCG said, “We have taken a new leap for tourism promotion. We want to maintain this activity of jeep safari as a brand.”

The development of the jeep safari was planned beforehand. Living arrangements were made for two hundred tourists during Patihani Tourism Promotion Fair, around six years ago. Tek Nath Timilsina, a representative of Buffer Zone Community Forest User Group said, “We are continuously managing living arrangements for tourists for the last twelve years. Until now, a total of Rs. 5 million has been spent on this endeavor.”

According to him, domestic as well as international tourists will be benefited from jeep safari. In the vicinity of Patihani area, more than half-dozen hotels and resorts exist, including Narayani Safari Resort, Kasara Resort, Jungle Villa Resort, Into The Echo Resort, and Tiger Land. He mentioned that these hotels will also get benefits from the jeep safari.