Jet Airways to start more flight in SAARC and UAE, 70 flights to Kathmandu in a week

23rd Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU- Indian Air Company, Jet Airlines is starting its flight to all the countries of SAARC and UAE.


The airline is increasing the number of flights to Kathmandu from Delhi and Mumbai. Jet Airlines is starting two daily flights from Mumbai and three daily flights from Delhi to Kathmandu.

The company also informed about increasing the number of flights to UAE and Kerela. Now there will be daily flight to Dubai and Doha from Tiruwantpur.

The flights to all the counties of SAARC including the new added flights has reached about 1 hundred and 40, and half of the flights will be compassed to Nepal, informed Company.

For Nepal Tourism there is high demand of airlines, so we are planning to add more flights to Kathmandu." said Chief Commercial Officer of Jet Airways, Jayaraj Sanmugam.

"To provide the service in all the countries of SAARC and Golf is a tough job, and we believe the airline is not lacking anything." He added.