JhangaJhit: A beautiful place located in the shadow of Indrathan

2nd Sep, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

JhangaJhit is a purely Tamang community which is located in ward no. 1 of the Chandragiri Municipality that lies at the west part of the Kathmandu valley. It also touches border line of Dhading district, and also can be considered as one of the most rural community of the Kathmandu. 

The household here is around 120 and the area is not so far from Main-stream. Though this area is still not well developed. It has the Shadow of Indrathan, which is one of the well-known place from its historical aspects. The place contains historical monument of great warrior Late. Kalu Pandey from late King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s period. It also contains grave yard or immortal remains of Late. Kalu Padey and from religious aspects it also have one of the greatest temple of god Indra with holy pond. Each year many devotee people visits to Indra daha. One of the famous picnic spot known as “Switzerland Park”, which is famous for picnic and gathering is situated here. Recently in 2015 Feb 21, Prime Minister KP Oli declared this place as a tourism destination for Visit Nepal 2020.

Still, JhangaJhiti is not much developed, as they still don’t have good means of infrastructural development like road. There is no development of any means of internet services or any secondary schools. The place have only two primary government schools, “Shree Janachetana Primary School and Shree Indra Jyoti Basic School” which only have up to Grade-5, and if they want to study further they need to walk miles to reach nearby School which is also one of the main reason that people here are not much educated and also there is no means of health post. People need to travel miles for any health services. 

Geographically this place have hill setting, also the land are terrace and the water resources have dried after the massive earthquake which is also one of the main challenge here for agriculture. The place was much complex and the massive earthquake of 2015 AD with pandemic emergency of Covid-19 of 2020 AD added more destruction. This place was one of the most affected areas of earthquake, almost 99.99% houses were demolished, 3 people including children have died and also the impact of Covid-19 is having direct effect on the mental health after the declaration of lockdown. People here have no source of income because they are dependent with seasonal cash crops and alcohol production. But due to lack of water resources and also the lockdown production is being decreased. 

People here produce plum, flowers, broom grass, ginger, with some seasonal vegetables but due to small area the production the earning is not enough. Besides these productions some are engaged in services in nearby places. People here don’t have proper employment as they don’t have any qualification or any other skills besides agriculture and the amount collected from agriculture is not enough for their daily livelihood.

Many organizations have worked here during earthquake and also during this pandemic situation but among them one local NGO named “Aware Society” seems active in working for the education  since earthquake, this organization have been providing education support to the students who are motivated towards education, but still due to problem in their daily livelihood. Students here are not being able to get proper education, besides getting education people here are in need of their daily basic needs and also in this pandemic situation this organization helped some most vulnerable families with relief materials.

Despite of being at the capital city, the place have no any means of development and still people here are working hard to fulfill their basic needs. One of the biggest issue here is also of suicide, each year at least one suicide case is common here and many others are diagnosed with depression. This place should be monitored frequently and some intervention should be done immediately for the betterment or else, this place will be only in memory of people, people here don’t need luxurious lifestyle and any other similar means of development, they only want to get developed just to fulfill their basic needs and maintain their livelihood.




    Abjit Thapa

Social Researcher