Jitiya Parba begins in Mithilanchal from today

9th Sep, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

JALESWOR, Sep 09: Jitiya Parba, one of the most celebrated auspicious festivals of the Mithila zone, has begun today in Mahottari along with other Mithilanchal areas. 

On the first day today, the women of the Maithili community take dips into nearby rivers or ponds and offer beaten rice, curd, mango-juice made edible items and khari (pina) in the yam leaves to the departed ancestors before going for fasting. 

On the second day of the festival, women fast from 4.00 am early in the morning and perform pooja wishing for the longevity and pursuit of family happiness. The fasts end up on Friday morning. 

Hundreds of devotees listen to tales of Jimutavahana on the occasion. The fast especially performed on Aswin Krishna Astami is very strict, said Kalikanta Jha, a local priest of Jaleswor. 

Prof Dhruba Roy of Yalana Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth Matihani said, “This festival explores the cultural role and importance of Mithhila women”. Women offer oblation of cooked rice to the departed soul of ancestors on the occasion.