JOMSOM: A Worthy Place to Visit – BLOG

23rd Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

kamal KAMAL SHRESTHA, kathmandu

Once I read somewhere "If travel was free no will see me again" I love being lost in every corner of our country, I love to travel a lot and I can't get enough of it. It's amazing that even though our country is so small on the world map but here's so many places that amaze the world. And I am one of the luckiest one to born in such place. So I never miss the opportunities to travel whenever I get chance, and this time the destiny was Jomsom Muktinath, where we belief all your suffering pain will be cure once you get there, and you know what that's so true, I got a chance to experience that.

When we start our bike from Kathmandu, we thought  it will be long way back then, but once you hit the road its all gone just you and the open road. athmandu to pokhara was our first destination, but how can we not stop for malekhu's fish fry, after 70 km ride we arrived malekhu where we can rest ourself and take break with fresh fish fry and snacks, it took less than 3 hour to reach there, after 15 min break  we move on the next destination muglin where you can enjoy fresh fruits. After another  3 hour driving crossing through damauli, dumre we reach Pokhara finally, its was long day driving so we go straight to hotel in Pokhara.

rahul_tmail_jomsom_mustang-1 Hemja, Nau dada on the way to Beni

Next morning we are ready to hit the road again, from pokhara we ride for Beni. Beni is the gateway for mustang. After 80 km ride from pokhara we reach to beni and don't forget to enjoy waterfall on the way to  beni called divya dham.


If you reach Beni early then you can move on for journey to jomsom but if you reach in evening better you stayed in Beni, so we rest for night in Beni. Most of the resident of Beni and hotel owners are Thakali and we all know Thakali dal bhat is most famous among we Nepalese, so we eat to the neck, deliciously.

In 3rd day we wake up early to hit the road again but before that don't forget to check and maintenance your bike because upcoming roads are not gonna be easy, its completely off road, though its off road the view on the way was so awesome we enjoy every moment but suddenly its start to rain, and when its start to rain on the way of jomsom  its completely deferent story,  you better not to continue until its stop. although there is raining we didn't stop and keep moving, we are tired, we are wet, we are exhausted  from rocky road, but until we reached to BEG KHOLA. Its was so huge and heavy no one ready to cross the river. Even heavy vehicles are afraid to cross river, we wait there like 4 hours if river will calm down. but there is no sign of that, so finally there was bulldozers to manage water flow from river, but it didn't help much, but still help of bulldozer some vehicle manage to cross the river but we stock there. so we took decision to leave our bike near to beg khola and move on to our journey in Bus but our bad luck all buses are already full but again there was truck driver who gives us ride to tatopani, so we took rest in there and did steam bath and swim in tatopani, for your information, in Tatopani there is natural hot spring water that flows from volacano, people believes that if we took bath in volcanic water it will cure all kind of skin diseases. That was so refreshing and energizing so next morning we walk back to beeg khola and took our bike and continue our journey. After 4 hour ride we took break in Lete. Lete is one of the most beautiful place I have ever been, I recommend you guys to take a time to roam around, it worth to spear some time in there.

rahul_tmail_jomsom_mustang-3 Lete, Jomsom

Finally after Lete road is so smooth and easy, its feel like my whole body finally got rest from rocky and muddy road, after start seeing view of jomsom its give you full energy, feels like you achieved something in your life, it's really heartwarming moment after so many hour driving and lots of obstacle and exhausting time period. so finally we reached Jomsom, we look for nice cozy hotel and rest for the night. For memo if you stayed in small cottage or lodge or hotel it will be more fun cause those people in hotel gives you completely lovable hospitality which you can't find in high profile hotels in Jomsom. their stories and gossip makes you forget all the pain from tiring journey. Even I recommended you guys to stay or have lunch in way to those small vender and hotels, those hotels may not provide high level hospitality but they will win your heart definitely with their smiling faces and testy foods. for us those people from small shop and hotels are high light of your trip, we will never forget those faces, like asmita from Bimata Hotel in lete, Thakali didi from Tatopani, Panipuri baini from Veerkot are few names.

rahul_tmail_jomsom_mustang-4 Bimala Hotel, Lete Jomsom

So next morning we went for final destination to Muktinath, its 21 km from jomsom, it's a plain open road with lots of wind, for a moment we thought wind will blow us from the hill but it felt amazingly good. On the way you will she completely different structure of mother nature, its feel like whole new world out there, no pollution no sound no houses no vehicles, just me, road, open sky and breeze of wind keep singing in your ear, it was heavenly experience for me.

rahul_tmail_jomsom_mustang-5 Jomsom, way to muktinath

after 2 and half hour ride we finally mange to reach to muktinath, its feel like my body and soul fully revitalize after taking bath in icy cold water from himalayas and trust me its not a joke to take shower from 108 dunge dhara ( water tap made of stone). We believe if we took a shower in those water spout it will clean your soul and and bad deeds from your life, you will be like newly born soul again. Thats how we end our tour to Muktinath. If you ask every individuals who been to muktinath they have their own amazing story to tell, you will never regret to be there even after rough and heavy journey, tiring and exhausting riding, muddy and rocky way, completely upside down road, ITS ALL WORTH IT.