Jomsom Mountain Resort undergoing extensive remodeling

28th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MUSTANG, July 28: The Jomsom Mountain Resort, situated in Mustang, is going a complete remodeling. The resort, which was targeted towards third-world tourists and tourists from the SAARC countries, underwent massive damage in the earthquake of 2015.

The resort, which was formerly owned by Cosmic Air, has been taken over by Yeti Air and is to undergo large-scale refurbishing which includes refitting it with 24 rooms, informed Incharge Bharat Gautam. The resort affords view of the Nilgiri mountain, Masekondo Peak, Dhumba Lake, and other sights from its rooms.

The resort is being remodeled aiming for completion by December, and will also operate under the new name of Mustang Mountain Home.