Jumla athletes to compete in international marathon

12th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

SURKHET, Aug 12, Athletes from Jumla are going to take part in the 4th Mount Abu International Marathon to be held in Rajasthan of India.

Sunmaya Budha, Rammaya Budha, Sita Neupane and Naresh Budha are taking part in the marathon that begins on August 19, according to chair of Karnali Sports Club Jumla Saroj Shahi.

In absence of support from government authorities, the athletes have collected donations individually to attend the event. All the four athletes have also contributed Rs. 5,000 each on their own, while receiving financial support from the Club, the president of Jumla Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Raj Kumar Shahi.

All four are competing in half marathon category of the event. The team led by Chair Shahi will leave for India today.