Jumla- Rara Ultra Marathon being conducted on July 11

24th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

JUMLA, June 24: Jumla-Rara Ultra Marathon tournament is going to be organized on July 11. For the promotion of tourism, Karnali Sports Club organized the first and second round of the ultra marathon tournament. This competition will play a great role in promoting Karnali state and the player who participated in the Jumla -Rara Ultra Marathon will have to cross the distance of 49 km.

According to Chairman of Club Saroj Shahi, hundreds of popular and locally qualified athletics players are participating in ultra marathon. The first player in the marathon should be able to cross the route of 49 km meters within 5 hours. The players are participating in the competition from Solukhumbu district, Tribhuvan Army Club, from various districts of the country. District Sports Development Committee, Chandan Nath Municipal and other bodies are coordinating and cooperating with the government to succeed in bringing ultra marathon competition organized for tourism promotion and development of sports sector. The organizer will spend 1.1 million to complete the marathon. Shahi mentioned that the first, second and third participants will be awarded the cash price of 50,000, 30,000 and 20,000 respectively with medals and certificates. Similarly, the traveling fare and food for the participants from other districts are managed by the organizer team.