Kakarbhitta border popular among tourists

30th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Notable numbers of tourists are entering Nepal through the eastern border at Kakarbhitta. In the past 9 months, 370 Chinese tourists entered Nepal through Kakarbhitta. American and European tourists also have been entering Nepal through this border point.

Krishna Sigdel, information officer at the Kakarbhitta Immigration Office, said that from mid-April to mind-December of 2017, notable numbers of Chinese tourists have enteredNepal through the eastern border.

In the past 9 months, 4164 tourists visited Nepal through the east border, of which 1697 were from South-Asian countries. 2467 tourists were from non-SAARC countries.

According to Sigdel, tourists who visit Sikkim and West Bengal and move to Nepal enter through the east border, visiting Lumbini on their way to Kathmandu.

The Immigration Office at Kakarbhitta also gives on arrival visa to tourists. According to the office, most of the tourists from SAARC countries have been from Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Maldives.

SAARC country citizens are reportedly allowed through the border free of charge while tourists from non-SAARC countries have to pay the on arrival visa fee. SAARC country citizens who are visiting the second time, however, are charged fees according to time.

The office charges USD 25 for a 15-day stay, and USD 45 for a 30-day stay. A 90-day stay cost USD 100.