Kaligandaki Rafting in reopens after the end of mansoon

27th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 27: Rafting season arrives in Kaligandaki after the end of rainy season and decrease in water flow in the river. Rafting was close in the river due to the high flow of water since June but now the numbers of tourists are gradually increasing.

According to the operator of Swisa Rafting And Trekking Tourism company, Dev Regmi, the number of tourists increases every year and due to the long route, safe place and low flow of water Kaligandaki is preferred by the tourists most of the time rather than other rivers. Not only foreign but also domestic tourists are attracted to rafting in these recent years.

Around 2-3 group of tourists visits Kaligandaki for rafting these days. The rafting having 3 days package is mostly preferred by the tourists. Tourists enjoy the scenario of the waves of water, streams, herbs, aquatic animals and fresh environment. The number of Israeli tourists is more also tourist from Australia, America and Europe prefer Kaligandaki for rafting. Due to the increase in number of tourist the infrastructures nearby are also being developed.