Kaligandaki takes on centre stage for publicity campaign of Parbat Festival

22nd Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PARBAT, Jan 22: The Parbat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday rolled its sleeves up to clean up the Kaligandaki river as part of the publicity campaign of the forthcoming Parbat Festival.

Parbat Festival

A part of the attraction of the festival is a daily rafting programme hence the river was cleaned up from Parbat's Khaniyaghat to Naya Pul.

The district's lawmaker, political party chiefs, office chiefs, industrialists, entrepreneurs and journalists took part in the clean-up campaign and also placed rubbish bins along the river bank.

Rafting was also held on four inflatable boats on the day to mark the festival's eve. "We have arranged for rafting aimed at the event's publicity on its eve," Parbat Chamber's President and Festival Coordinator, Hariom Sharma Lamichhane said.

Rafting was held along the 5 km stretch of the river from Nagliwang to Khaniyaghat for cleaning the river. A total of 45 persons took part in the campaign.

On the occasion, lawmaker, Arjun Prasad Joshi, expressed hope that an effort could help generate good profit from adventure rafting in the Kaligandaki river.

"We have separate dustbins for segregating the waste products as decomposable waste, plastic products and glass," Chambers Working Committee member, Rajan Gurung shared.

The Parbat Festival is taking place from January 26 to February 4. The Kaligandaki river is visited by hundreds of tourists every year for rafting.