'Kalinchowk Yak Festival-2074' in August first week

2nd Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 01: The 'Kalinchowk Yak Festival-2074 BS' is to take place at Kalinchowk of Dolakha having social, cultural and historical importance.

At a press conference organized here tuesday by the Kalinchowk rural municipality, it was shared that the festival is to be held at Kalinchowk rural municipality-6, Chyandanda on August 6-7.

On the occasion, Kalinchowk rural municipality Vice-Chairperson Kalika Pathak shared that they are organizing the event to attract farmers towards yak farming. "It was the first decision of the rural municipality to organize the festival to take ahead the agriculture sector. So, we are organizing the event as per the decision", Pathak added.

Chief Executive Officer at Nepal Tourism Board Deepak Raj Joshi expressed confidence that such event would help boost tourism sector by utilizing available resources of the country.