Kanchanpur-Bedkot Municipality declares Bedkot Tourism Year 2075

20th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 20: Kanchanpur-Bedkot Municipality is celebrating this year as the Bedkot Tourism Year 2075 in order to promote its many natural and religious tourism areas.
The Bedkot Tourism Year aims to promote its various tourism attractions including the Bedkot Lake, Siddha Shiva Linga Dham, Ghatal Than, Bhamkeshwor Dham, and Siddha Sarovar Brahma Kunja, etc. and attract as many tourists as possible to the Bedkot region. Hoarding boards, promotional pamplets, and information centers are being organized in order to make the Bedkot Tourism Year a success, informed the municipality chief Ashok Kumar Chand.
The municipality has installed hoarding boards and distance markers at Chamfapur, Daiji, Lalpur, Bhashi, and various points along the East-West highway. Publication of promotional brochures and photo collection of the tourism destinations are under process. Municipality Chief Chand said that the city is coordinating with the Social Environmental Development Center for promoting the tourism areas. Bedkot Municipality has contributed Rs. 500,000 while the Social Environmental Development Center has contributed Rs. 386,000 to the budget for promoting the Bedkot region.