Kanchanpur has 47 natural lakes

10th Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KANCHANPUR, April 10: Kanchanpur district in the far-western Tarai has 47 natural lakes, according to the data collected by the District Agricultural Development Office, Kanchanpur.

[caption id="attachment_4984" align="alignnone" width="841"] Betkot lake[/caption]

The biggest among these lakes are the Puraina and the Banda lakes located in Belauri Municipality. These lakes are spread over an area of 30 and 25 hectares respectively. The rest of the lakes have area in the range of 0.4 hectares to seven hectares.

Locals have used 27 among the natural lakes as fisheries. Consumer groups and community forest users groups have leased these ponds for fisheries. Although fish are naturally found in 20 lakes located inside the community forests and the national park area, these have not been used for the commercial fisheries, senior agricultural development officer Yagya Raj Joshi said.

Shuklaphanta Municipality has 13, Belauri Municipality eight, Bedkot Municipality six, Krishnapur Municipality four, Punarbas Municipality five, Mahakali Municipality three, Beldandi Rural Municipality four, Laljhadi Rural Municipality one, Bhimdattanagar Municipality one and the Shuklaphanta national park two natural lakes.

Joshi said most of these natural lakes are shrinking due to deposition of silt and sand by floodwater during the rainy season and increasing encroachment. He added that the natural lakes especially on the foothills of the Chure range are most vulnerable to siltation, thereby putting the birds and other animals that live near these lakes at risk of losing their habitat.

The combined area of the natural lakes in the district is more than 300 hectares, it is stated. Twenty-nine different species of fish, and 11 species of amphibians and reptiles are found inhabiting the wetland areas in Kanchanpur district which has altitude from 160 metres to 1528 metres above sea level.