Khumbu Village Municipality introduces registration system for tourism laborers

9th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 09: Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Village Municipality of Solukhumbu District has made the record-keeping of tourism labor compulsory. The village municipality has made the arrangement to allow the rescue of tourism labor in cases of emergency. Keeping record of all tourism labor entering the region allows the authorities to keep track of tourism labor in case they go missing during expeditions in the remote parts of the district.

The village municipality has made it illegal for guides, sherpas, porters, and even yak guides to enter its boundaries without registering proper information. Village Municipality Chief Nim Dorji Sherpa has said that the village municipality will provide Rs. 50,000 for any health checkup and medicines and Rs. 100,000 to the families as compensation and support in case of the death of registered tourism labor.

Chief Sherpa also informed that guides will have to pay Rs. 500 in registration fees, while sherpa guides will have to pay Rs. 250 and others will be charged Rs. 100 for getting their registration certificates. Laborers who have been registered following the procedure will be immediately eligible for the facilities that have been awarded to registered labor. The village municipality has set up its labor registration office at the entry way in Ward No. 2, Lukla, and will be offering services within office hours.

The village municipality will take responsibility for search and rescue of missing laborers and also provide warm clothes to laborers should it be necessary. The Khumbu region is the entry point for the world's Tallest peak, Sagarmatha, and other 5 dozen popular mountains.

The village municipality has started the system to watch over the abuse and financial exploitation faced by tourism labor and to secure their rights. It also started charging Rs. 2000 to foreign tourists entering the region as service charge.