Kirtipur Municipality rolls out tourism development project

15th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Kirtipur Municipality is implementing the "Kirtipur United Tourism Development Project" for local tourism development. The project will be put into motion by the coming month.

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Municipality Vice-Chief Saraswati Khadka said that the project aims to promote and better manage the ancient culture and heritage found in Kirtipur to establish the area as a tourist destination. The project also involves feasibility studies for tourism infrastructure and industry development in the region including hotels and finding new tourism destinations.

Bijay Kumar Maharjan, who has been operating Kirtipur Hillside Resort in the area since the past decade, says that the tourism sector has been unable to develop in the region due to the lack of well-facilitated starred hotels. The local area would develop holistically if the tourism sector was developed by connecting the local heritage and culture with the tourism sector, he said.

The Kirtipur area includes attractions like Jalbinayak, Aadinath Temple, Chilancho Monastery, etc. which are important from a religious viewpoint, which can be developed  into important religious tourism destinations.