Koreans shows interest to invest in Nepal

8th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov.8: The team of Hotel Association of Nepal- HAN which recently returned to Nepal has claimed that the Koreans has shown keen interested to invest in Nepal.

The team retuned back from the “G Fair Korea” summit in South Korea which focused on the International Trade and Tourism. While staying in the South Korean capital Seoul the delegation also promoted Nepal in the country with the title “Nepal- Terai Tourism and Trade Destination.”

The 9 participants who went on 7 days delegation in South Korea was assisted by Hotel Association Nepal, Korea Chamber of Commerce along with the Nepal Tourism Board and the Non-residential Association- Korea.

The Nepali delegation also attended the meeting organized by Korean Business Association as well as other organizations.

In the summit the General Secretary of Hotel Association Nepal Binayak Shah also informed of the Nepal’s initiative of promoting Nepal cuisine in the International arena. The Nepali Diaspora in the South Korea also has pledged to help Nepal in the initiative.