Kumari Bank and Yeti Airlines launch joint business campaign

29th Sep, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 29: Kumari Bank and Yeti Airlines have launched a joint business swipe and fly campaign. By integrating the Sky Club Card of Yeti Airlines and the debit card of Kumari Bank, the facility of both the cards can be availed from the same card by issuing Kumari Sky Club Card.

Customers can get free air tickets of Yeti Airlines from the points earned while paying for any purchase from this Kumari Sky Club card. Regarding the program, Anuj Mani Timilsina, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Kumari Bank, carriers of the card will get the same number of points as air travel even if you do not travel by air from the every payment, so customers of Kumari Bank will also be encouraged to travel by air.

As the service recipients participating in the scheme will now be able to avail both the facilities from the same card, the partner customers of the bank and the airlines will get 1 point for every Rs.100.

Once the fixed mileage points have been accumulated, the partner customers will be able to consume them easily. And as per the requirement, domestic air tickets of Yeti Airlines can be obtained free of cost.