Kushe Aausi, Father’s day being celebrated today

1st Sep, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Nepal on Thursday is celebrating Father’s Day by paying homage to the father's. Sons and Daughters offer various sweets, fruits and gifts to thei father and those who have loosed their father donate alams and organize a procession called "Shraddha".

Father's Day, according to Hindu Mythology falls on the day of Bhadra Krishna Aausi. This day is also popularly known as “Kushe Aausi or Pitri Aausi or Gokarne Aausi”. It is called as “Buba ko mukh herne din” in Nepali where Buba means Father, mukh means face and din means day. So it’s a special day to see face of father or which means to offer homage to the father.

A special gathering was observed in Gokarna where people remembered their father and did Shraddha- Puja in memory of deceased father. It is believed that by doing so the things that has been offer to the father will reach to him where-ever he is and with all puja he might get salvation.

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