Palpa Best Destinations : Lack of Tourism Infrastructure

5th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Dec 05: Palpa, which is one of the best tourism destinations of Nepal, has still not seen the infrastructure to attract tourists. Although it has great potential to attract domestic as well as international tourists, the tourism area infrastructure development of Palpa according to the tourism master plan has been limited to being written on paper.

While various works like making the blueprints for periodic plans, infrastructure development, and the renovation of historical tourism areas have been started by the Village Development Committee, they haven’t been completed.

While the tourism master plan started being formulated after the tourism year 2011, the work has been unfinished. While the master plan included making three tour packages, identifying trekking routes, preserving historical monasteries, temples, and forts, etc. none of the works have been completed. There have been no plans on dividing the district to various purposes and on promoting tourism to the area.

Although rural tourism areas (home stay) have been declared, those areas have seen no infrastructure development activities. While the tourism-oriented areas of the district like Ranimahal, Ruru Area, Ridi, and Ribdikot contain famous temples like Bhairavsthan, Tansen’s Narayansthan, Bhagawatisthan, Ganesh Mandir, Telgha’s Gufalekh, Barangdi, Ramdi, Rampur, Rambhapani,Mathagadhi, Bakumgadhi, Satyawati, Prabhas Area, Madi, Dobhan, etc. no efforts have been made to improve infrastructure to these places.

Tansen Municipality and some village municipalities have seen some infrastructure constructions begin, but they have remained unfinished. The black-topped road under construction in the city have been damaged at various places even before its completion. The foundation work of Tansen Shreenagar View Tower and Shreenagar Park have not been finished either.

The city council had prepared a slogan for Tansen, “Infrastructure with Education, Health, Tourism, Cottage Industries, and Cultural Heritage is the Foundation of Cultural Tourism City”, which has been limited to paper.

The 13th City Council had passed city development plans such as using loan from Tansen’s Town Development Fund to construct bus terminal at the cost of 2 crores; using the funds received from Nepal Government to construct Srinagar Hill Park according to the master plan, construct Bansagopal Park at the cost of 1 crore, a ring road at the cost of 50 lakhs, etc. None of these plans have yet come to fruition. The various tourism sector organizations of the district have also been inactive. Businesses say that if the infrastructure development is to remain incomplete and the tourism-related organizations are to remain inactive despite the government spending millions, it will be impossible to improve tourism prospects in the area.

“Without infrastructure in the district, it is difficult for domestic and international tourists to spend even an hour here,” said the director of Palpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohan Shrestha. “It is very essential to develop infrastructure in order to attract more tourists to Palpa and to turn Palpa into a tourism transit point,” said Shrestha.

Businesses of Palpa believe that if the government and the private sector work together, then there will be no difficulty in building and improving infrastructures in Palpa. According to them, tourists who visit Palpa tend to return crestfallen as they do not find the situations as well as it has been publicized.

While the software aspect of Palpa’s publicity has been under way, the hardware aspect of infrastructure development has been hard to execute due to lack of expected support from other sources, said the Chief of Senior Operations of the District Coordination Committee, Durga Thapa.