Lalitpur Metropolis to make monuments visible from outside boundaries

27th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 27: Lalitpur Metropolitan City is opening up the progress various under-construction buildings and important structures in the city to the people by removing the curtains and boundary walls that surround the buildings. The city will be removing the covering curtains from various attractive structure that are under construction in Lalitpur so that they can be seen by locals and tourists.

City Chief Chiri Babu Maharjan said that Lalitpur has various important structures that reflect religious and cultural beauty which can attract tourists. He said that the structures that are being renovated or constructed will be made visible to the public so that they can attract tourists.

In the first stage, the Metropolis will put up transparent boundaries around the Buddhi Bikash Sports Ground and Jawalakhel Ground so that they can allow people outside the grounds to see inside. "Anyone can see their beauty and the activities going on from the outside," said Maharjan. The city will go on to do the same on historical monuments.

Maharjan said that in his various trips abroad, the important monuments and places are visible from the outside and can be photographed. In the same way, the various historical monuments of Lalitpur will also be allowed to be observed and photographed from the outside.