Launch of NCC Bank's QR code service in electric rickshaws operated at Dhalko

7th Apr, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, April 07: Nepal Credit and Commerce (NCC) Bank Ltd has handed over the QR codes to the electric rickshaw drivers operating in Dhalko-17 of Kathmandu Metropolitan. During the program organized on Wednesday, Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, Bhuvan Kadel handed over the QR code to them.

NCC Bank has handed over QR codes to electric rickshaw drivers as per the policy of NRB to promote electronic payments through QR codes. For that, the bank has collaborated with Shramik Nepal Yatayat Auto Pvt. Ltd. Speaking on the occasion; Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank Kadel said that electronic payment has become a necessity now. He said, "It will also help in healthy and transparent banking business." At the same time, such programs have a positive impact on the overall governance of the country.

Ramesh Raj Aryal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NCC Bank, said that customers would not have to carry cash when they put QR code on the vehicle. He said, ‘The money paid by the customer is deposited in NCC Bank. That money is safe on the one hand and interest on the other.' He said that NCC Bank is also ready to give unsecured loans to drivers.

Ward Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 17 Nabin Manandhar said that the drivers should remain in their discipline and the concerned bodies should also expand the destination area of ​​the drivers. He said that there are currently 150 electric rickshaws in operation in Dhalko.

According to Dambar Rana, Chairman of Shramik Nepal Yatayat Auto Pvt. Ltd., the entrepreneurs who started from pedals did not get any help from anybody until they entered into the auto rickshaw. He said that NCC Bank has become their support.

Rana said, "Drivers who have to drive rickshaws by pedaling have finally reached electric rickshaws today.  "No financial institution helped the drivers. Now we have the support of NCC Bank,” he added.

Secretary of the Federation of Nepal Trade Unions, Som Tamang, said that both the drivers and the customers would benefit from the QR code program of NCC Bank targeting the working class.