Laxmi Capital issued Shubh Laxmi Fund (Open-Ended Scheme) from Thursday

4th Aug, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 04: Laxmi Capital Limited has opened the issue and sale of an open-ended mutual fund named 'Shubh Laxmi Kosh' for general investors from Thursday.

Capital is going to issue 50 million units worth 50 million rupees at a nominal rate of 10 rupees per unit to be operated under Laxmi Mutual Fund.

Out of this, 15 percent unit fund promoter Laxmi Bank will invest as seed capital and out of the remaining 47 million units, in the first phase, 1 million 75 million units have been opened for sale to the general public.

General investors can apply from a minimum of 100 units to a maximum of 5 million units.

In this fund, which will be issued from today, Thursday, August 4th, investors can apply from banks and financial institutions that have obtained approval from the Securities Board and my shares as early as 8th August and as late as August 18th.

Laxmi Capital Limited will act as the issue manager.