Locals express happiness after witnessing flight at Kotwada airport

12th Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KALIKOT, Feb 12: The test flight made in the Kotwada airport after 31 years has brought happiness amongst the villagers on Saturday.

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Locals who already has loosed their hope of seeing an airplane in their village were cherished with joy after the test flight was made. The airport run way in Kalikot took 3 years to get completed.

On Saturday a Tara Air aircraft carried out a test flight successfully at the airport that had started during Panchayat regime in 2042 BS.

The construction of the airport, which was at a snail’s pace for a long time, gained momentum after Humla lawmaker Jeewan Bahadur Shahi became Tourism Minister.

Locals are very happy to see an aircraft landing at the airport in their village, said Ganesh Bista, a local.

"Hundreds of locals thronged to see the test flight.  The pilot was given a hero’s welcome," Gajendra Bahadur Shahi told.

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, a total of Rs 250 million was spent for the construction of Kotwada airport.