Locals protested for the dual tax charge in Nagarkot

29th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Oct 29:Local residents, tourist entrepreneurs’ and workers working at the hotel have protested in Nagarkot, as the local government Kavre and Bhaktapur has been charging double tax for the same place.

The protesters protested in the market of Nagarkot by showing placards along with black flags. They claimed the dual tax policy of two local governments could affect the employment of thousands of workers and also it will affect the government’s plan of celebrating tourism year 2020.

Due to the dispute between state government of Changunarayan and Kavre's Mandan have to pay double tax since October 15. There are 100’s of hotels in both municipalities and restaurants in Nagarkot. Changunarayan has been charging Rs. 200 rupees from SAARC tourists and Rs. 300 for the other countries.