Lodak residents get homestay training, 8 house demands permission

3rd Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

JOMSOM, July 3 : Lodak is the isolated and ignored part of the Mukti Kshetra Gaunpalika. It lies on the distance of 10 Kilometers from the headquarter Jomsom where the people mostly relies on the agriculture to earn their bread.

The isolated inhabitant in the sloppy land has 14 households in total and they direly can survive for six months depending on their harvest.

Now they will have a different story to tell with the homestay training that tends to improve their status and open the door for their income. The to be launched homestay also will preserve their religion and promote the internal as well as external tourism.

They were provided with basic knowledge about operating the house, the process and the infrastructures that are required for the homestay by tourist guide Bale Pun.

“The homestay will promote the art and cultural aspect of this locality as well as it also will help to attract tourists. So it is the best place to start over the homestay,” Pun said.

The local in the Loadk also were provided with materials worth Hundred Thousand rupees through the 12 member committee initiated by the ACAP. The Annapurna Conservation Area Project has set up target to operate homestay service which would have the capacity to host 40 guests at a time.

After the training 8 houses in the locality has came forward with the application to start the homestay, ACAP has informed.