Longest waterfall in South Asia in state of neglect

2nd Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

TERHATHUM,Jan 2: The Hyatrung waterfall, arguably the largest one in South Asia, is in the shadows for lack of its conservation and promotion.

[caption id="attachment_2650" align="alignnone" width="838"]hyatrung-waterfall Hyatrung waterfall[/caption]

The waterfall is 365 metres long and is located at the border between Isibu and Samdu VDCs in Terhathum district. It is taken to be the longest waterfall in South Asia.

Although hundreds of thousands of rupees is spent for the development and the promotion of tourism of this natural asset, no significant results have been seen in this regard.

The water in the cascade is reduced significantly during the dry season beginning with the winter as the people in settlements near its source channelize the water to irrigate their cardamom cultivation and farms.

Besides, the locals say that the water has decreased after the construction of a road that passes through the head of the waterfall. The Myanglung-Sakranti road passes through a place nearly four kilometers above the source of the waterfall. The track of this road was opened last year for making travel to the waterfall easier.

The water that cascades down 'disappears' in the middle due to the reduced amount of water and as the canyon is covered by thicket and dense foliage which has not been cleared. This has reduced the beauty of the waterfall. Even the foot trail leading to the waterfall is not repaired.

Moreover, no significant efforts have been made to conserve the water source of the waterfall. The locals bemoan that Hyatrung waterfall is in the shadows as adequate attention has not been forthcoming at the governmental level for its conservation and promotion despite it carrying huge possibilities of being developed into na major tourist attraction.