Love is in the Air!!! Special rate for couples in Ultra- flights this valentine

14th Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Are you in the mood to mark this valentine day or the whole week as the most adventurous one? Want to take off the ground with your loved ones and fly high in the air? Then brace yourself up and pack your luggage and head to Pokhara because the fishtail ultra-flight offers you a sizzling offer this valentine.

Fishtail Ultra Flights in Pokhara has offered special offers to the Nepali couples on this year’s Valentine Day. The offer which will be valid from 12 to 16 February has special rates and offer for the Nepali couples who want to take their love high in the air.

In this 5 days offer a couple should pay Nrs. 10,800 to fly high in the air for 15 minutes. Similarly, it would cost Nrs. 20,000 for 30 minutes flight and Nrs. 37, 500 for an hour flight.

“This year we have brought a special offer for the valentines to mark the valentine week. We have special offer for the couples as well as we will be providing them with the free videos at the time of their flight,” Pratigya Gautam, Director of Sales and Marketing Department of Fishtail Ultra Flights said with Tourismmail.

“Well this offer is only for Nepali Couples. The price rate for foreigners Is same as before” She added.