Machhindranath Jatra: End of Bhoto Jatra (Photo Feature)

11th Jun, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

After the end of Bhoto Jatra, the Machhindra Nath statue is taken to Bungamati temple where it is kept for the rest of the months. Machhindra Nath Jatra is also called Bunga Dyah Jatra. One month long Jatra ends with taking the Macchindra Nath idol to Bungmati where people wait for the God with dry hay (chwaali) on outside of their house. People burn the chwaali and move along with the god to the temple where it is kept. After reaching the temple, the god is placed in the temple where the army gives the gun salute which marks the end of Jatra.


Text/Photo: Bivas Shrestha